Glendale Serious Injuries and Fractures Attorney

Catastrophic, possibly life-altering injuries resulting from massive personal injury accidents require extensive physical therapy, medication, and years of pain and suffering that never seem to go away. As a direct result of high-speed car crashes, vehicle versus truck crashes, and premises liability incidents, Howard Craig Kornberg is an expert at litigating serious personal injuries.

Injuries that don’t result in death often leave people in unfathomable pain. And when my clients suffer, insurance companies and companies who paved the way for these injuries to occur will pay. Decades of courtroom experience allows me to properly present injury cases before juries, resulting in larger settlements. Because the magnitude of fractures and serious injuries is much stronger, never go to trial without a Glendale serious injuries & fractures attorney.

Settlements Differ from Small Incidents

Chances are slim you’ll suffer a fracture injury from someone tapping your bumper. Cases, where injuries are relatively minor yet still visible, require much less physical therapy and pain management, therefore, the settlements are smaller. The larger accidents, such as semis hitting passenger cars or workers falling from scaffolding high in the air cause much greater bodily harm, requiring significantly longer recovery periods.

Because the recovery period is much longer, people will be without the income they were earning before the accident. Suffering will extend well past months, and into years. Therefore, my office works doubly hard to assure your financial needs are covered during this period of grave physical condition.

Serious injuries and fractures that fall into this category of litigation include broken or dismembered limbs, temporary or permanent paralysis, head and neck injuries requiring extensive surgery, even multiple broken bones. In other words, the worst possible injuries without succumbing to them.

As your Glendale serious injuries & fractures attorney, my responsibility is to uncover every detail surrounding your accident and putting those facts before the insurers who are trying to offer their apologies along with small settlements. Make no mistake, litigating serious injury and fracture accidents takes knowledge of personal injury law and the many intricacies within it. Trying to fight multimillion-dollar companies alone is never suggested should you want to fair compensation for your unwarranted encounter.

Complicated Accidents Require Complex Representation

Victims such as yourself undoubtedly suffer as the extent of the accident intensifies. Some may lose consciousness, others may end up comatose for weeks. My job is to provide overwhelming evidence that your injuries were completely avoidable had another party exercised better control. I’ll need photographic evidence including any closed-circuit television footage. From there, I’m able to build an ironclad case able to withstand reasonable doubt.

Don’t trust your litigation needs to just any attorney. Personal injuries that result in serious bodily harm and bone fractures may take slightly longer to litigate, but the outcome is so much sweeter when an attorney such as Howard Craig Kornberg is on the case.

For immediate assistance with your personal injury matter, contact our skilled Glendale serious injuries & fractures attorney for your no-cost case evaluation. You pay nothing until we settle, period.