San Bernardino Car Accident Attorney

Innocently minding your own business one day while driving, an oncoming car smashes into your brand-new Lexus. You’re trapped inside your vehicle, experiencing excruciating pain. Forget about the fact your $50,000 car has been rendered undrivable; you feel like you can move your body, nor can you reach for your phone call 911. Luckily, an observer calls for you, and you quickly rescued from your demolished sedan.

Accidents like this happen across California every day. Thankfully, a good portion of these accidents results in serious bodily injury at worst, although an unfortunate few never make it home again. I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, representing the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. In situations where serious bodily injury or death occurs in car accidents, having an acclaimed San Bernardino car accident attorney could make a difference in receiving nearly nothing or winning enough compensation to replace all you’ve lost or damaged, including your vehicle.

California Car Accidents Require Immediate Action

Attorneys like myself rarely discuss the statute of limitations in car accidents, because rarely will you find injured persons wanting to prolong suing the wrongdoer. The sooner you bring me your case, the sooner I can begin navigating a sea of facts to determine how I proceed with your case.

I’ve recovered millions for victims during my tenure in law. Two constants in car crash lawyers are the fact that nothing remains the same, and no two accidents are ever identical. I spend hours on each case, making phone calls and visits as deemed appropriate to bring your case to the quickest yet most favorable resolution.

Identifying the at-fault party is my first step. Making sure you’re clear of wrongdoing is my next. From there, puzzle pieces generally fit themselves together in a manner that makes litigating your case more efficient, not to mention beneficial.

Why I’m Hired So Frequently

Although insurance companies are quick to disavow accident victims, I’m the San Bernardino car accident attorney capable of calling out these insurers, expounding whatever resources are necessary to compel insurers to pay what accident victims are rightfully owed.

By now, probably figured out the process which attorneys like myself use. But what claimants don’t see are numerous steps in between that must be taken to assure you, the one who just totaled their Lexus, are well-cared for when it’s time to negotiate your settlement.

Through my many accident claim victories, I’ve built a rapport with many clients across Los Angeles County, and California. Some victims who I helped make whole contact me from time to time, thanking me yet again for resolving their car accident claim.

I encourage you to contact me immediately following an automobile accident. Because ‘proof is in the pudding’, I refuse to collect any retainer fees or consultation fees. My payday comes after yours, which means if I can’t settle out or win your case in court, my payday equals zero.

Contact Howard Craig Kornberg, a highly recommended San Bernardino car accident attorney who’s devoted his life to personal injury litigation, today.