San Bernardino Dog Attack Attorney

In 2016, dogs accounted for 31 fatalities across the United States. Of those, 22 were credited to pit bulls, which make up 6% of America’s dog population. While dog fatalities seem respectably low across our country, dog bites across all states – including California – continue to climb. When innocent victims are bitten by dogs negligently cared for by pet owners, it’s the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg that gets called.

During the same year, 42% of dog bite fatalities happened to children 9 and under. If you lost your child to an unwarranted dog attack, the pain would consume you as it would any parent.

Because we’re a dog bite lawyer firm relentless in our pursuit of justice for dog bite victims, many bite victims are referred to us. We hold responsible dog owners accountable, seek compensation for victims like you, and can fight for punitive damages so vicious breeds are contained more responsibly. The lengths we’d go to when a loved one is killed by a dog are immeasurable.

Why Dog Bites are Popular

Dog breeds tend to dictate their demeanor. For example, Rottweilers are protective over owners and their property; innocently walking down the sidewalk may inadvertently trigger these more vicious breeds to attack without provocation. Smaller breeds, like terriers, may only bite when approached and teased, or angered.

In San Bernardino, dog owners are everywhere as are pedestrians. Enjoying an evening outside with dogs isn’t uncommon; unfortunately, some dogs don’t mind their owners too well. When someone says “Hello” or makes any quick movements, even if innocent, the dog may be inclined to attack. It’s the dog owner’s responsibility to quickly respond when their pets attack individuals who aren’t intruding. When they don’t, a premises liability ensues.

We’ve been an aggressive San Bernardino dog attack attorney firm over the years. When victims come to us with serious wounds or have contracted rabies, we respond by filing suit against the dog owners. Once a suit is filed, we’ll attempt to negotiate a settlement with their insurer, as many home owner’s insurance policies have provisions for dog liability. If we cannot come to an agreement, we’ll fight in Los Angeles County court.

The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg Difference

Upholding the highest integrity in the practice of law, our firm knows clients could choose any San Bernardino attorney. Because our reputation has been phenomenal for our ability to secure satisfactory compensation for our clients, dog bite victims feel comfortable handing us their claims. We’ll battle to get medical bills covered, too, because you should only concentrate on healing post-attack.

Another advantage of using the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg is we’re local. You’ve undoubtedly seen personal injury lawyers inundate daytime television with advertisements promising big settlements without obligation. Many of these firms you’re viewing are from states far from California. Having local access to attorneys practicing in San Bernardino means we’re circulating money in your community, in your neighborhood, by retaining counsel and doing business within city limits.

If you’ve been seriously injured due to dog attack wounds, schedule your courtesy compensation with our experienced San Bernardino dog attack attorneys, fill out our form, call our office or visit our Los Angeles location.