San Bernardino Product Liability Attorney

When manufacturers produce consumer products, they enter into a contractual obligation with the buyer promising to give them usable items, free of harmful defects. This includes pharmaceutical companies that produce billion-dollar drugs or other personal health products. When the manufacturing system fails, products can leak into a society that causes personal injury or death to those who use them.

As an efficient San Bernardino product liability attorney, Howard Craig Kornberg provides single-client representation or may seek certification of large groups of affected consumers for a class-action suit. If you’ve consumed or used, products that have caused the injury, you may be entitled to substantial compensation by the manufacturer who breached their duty to quality inspect products before they hit mainstream.

How Product Liability Suits Work

When consumers bring my office claims of problematic products, my duty as their counsel of record entails investigating the manufacturer, the product labeling, verifying the purchase was made, and collecting medical evidence to substantiate the claim. I treat every client equally, maintaining a mindset that victims have incurred losses and deserve to be compensated for them.

A few common examples of product liabilities we’ve handled include:

  • Defective drugs which the pharmaceutical company failed to disclose may cause certain conditions
  • Electronics that, when plugged in, exploded without warning
  • Food which was not quality checked, causing severe illnesses including cancer
  • Automobile parts that caused severe bodily injury without warning or provocation, most commonly airbags or faulty gasoline tanks
  • Children’s toys that didn’t disclose were a choking hazard for a certain age

Any product you purchase causing serious bodily injury is considered negligence on the part of the manufacturer or distributor. We have no problem holding these companies accountable, and collecting compensation for pain and suffering along with time off work.

Manufacturers try to be ‘coy’ when approached with product liability claims. It’s sometimes a game of passing the buck between supervisors, executives, and quality control engineers. Nonetheless, product deficiencies that make it to retail shelves will cause harm to someone, quite possibly even death.

I’ll Go After Product Manufacturers

Retaining me as your defective product lawyer empowers me to go after the manufacturers responsible for failing to have quality control measures in place. I’ll stand next to you, and fight aggressively to negotiate with the manufacturer’s attorney to settle your claim before I file an action in California courts. I’ll have all the proof I need to be provided to you, with any missing facts uncovered by my office.

United States manufacturers are held responsible for the products they produce. Consumers should feel safe buying food, medicine, entertainment items even home improvement products that won’t hurt them. However, when they do, Californians know Howard Craig Kornberg is the go-to attorney for all matters related to product insufficiency.

Don’t let manufacturers get away with harming you with poorly constructed products. Contact my office to file your claim against wrongdoers, and we’ll take over from there. Our consultation is free, yet the peace of mind of knowing manufacturers will be forced to compensate for your injuries is priceless.