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Those massive semi-trucks and big rigs you frequently see around Santa Ana and Orange County are an essential component of the economy. But as important as these commercial vehicles are, their sheer size and weight mean that any collision with other motor vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians is unlikely to end well. If you have been injured in a truck wreck, reach out to our Santa Ana and Orange County truck crash lawyer right away to preserve your right to collect maximum compensation.

While the occupants of the larger vehicle have a higher likelihood of escaping without serious injury, our Orange County and Santa Ana truck accident attorneys have extensive experience in successfully representing those who have been injured in such incidents. When you or a loved one have been seriously impacted by a collision, the knowledgeable and aggressive team of legal professionals with the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg are ready to help you file a claim against the at-fault party with the goal of recovering a fair and just settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Common Injuries Due To Truck Accidents

Injuries sustained during a truck accident can be quite severe, leading to lifelong medical issues, disabilities, and cognitive deficits. A passenger vehicle and its driver and occupants stand little chance of escaping catastrophic injuries when involved in an accident with a big rig, semi-trailer, tractor-trailer, or other large truck.

Some of the most common injuries in a car-versus-big-truck accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs): Lacerations, blunt trauma to the head, and concussions are additional head injuries seen in these types of accidents. When the brain itself is injured, the resulting injury is classified as a TBI. Victims who experience TBI may need extensive treatment and advanced care for extended periods of time, if not for life.
  • Spinal injuries: When the spinal cord is damaged, paralysis can result, including partial and total paralysis. Victims can lose the ability to use their limbs or to walk, and in the most catastrophic accidents, the ability to breathe on their own.
  • Back/neck injuries: Herniated discs in the back or neck can result in long-term pain and a limited range of motion for accident victims. Neck injuries, including whiplash, can be quite debilitating too.
  • Burn injuries: Although less common, accidents involving explosions or fires due to a truck accident can leave behind devastating and disfiguring burns. More commonly, friction burns result when accident victims are ejected from their vehicles and are subjected to scraping against the highway or other surfaces.
  • Fractures 

Less serious injuries include cuts, lacerations, muscle, and ligament injuries.

What You Should Know About California Truck Accidents

Over the years serving the local community and surrounding areas, our Orange County and Santa Ana truck accident attorneys have represented claimants in some of the most harrowing truck accidents. One thing that our team sees over and over again is that many truck accidents in California are caused by truck drivers breaching duty of care and the maximum allowable driving hours. When mileage is the moneymaker, this temptation will always be present. Some other common contributing factors include driving at an excessive speed for current road and weather conditions, checking Qualcomm or GPS systems, or using a cellphone for any purpose, most often texting.

According to statistics published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

  • In an average year, 4,213 large trucks were involved in fatal collisions
  • 55,633 trucks were involved in accidents causing non-fatal injuries
  • 99,911 tow-away accidents occurred
  • 73% of fatal truck accidents were significantly contributed to by a person, vehicle, or animal encroaching on the lane in which the truck was traveling
  • 5% of fatal truck accidents were caused by issues with the vehicle itself

Whatever circumstances surround the truck accident you were injured in or lost a loved one to, an experienced truck collision lawyer from the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg can ensure you recover the compensation and monetary damages you are entitled to.

Wrongful Death Actions

If you are a surviving family member—husband/wife, daughter/son, or parent of someone who passed away due to injuries sustained in a truck accident, you have a right to hold the negligent party accountable for your loved one’s early demise. Our compassionate and caring Santa Ana and Orange County truck accident lawyer is well-versed in wrongful death claims and can seek compensation on your behalf for the financial and emotional loss of the deceased.

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