5 of the Most Common and Dangerous Motorcycle Accidents

July 22, 2018
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Sitting on a motorcycle, hearing and feeling it start, and then heading out on the open road can be exhilarating. It can also be scary at the same time. Why? Motorcycles are very dangerous modes of transportation. They offer zero protection for the riders and can easily wind up in a crash. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney from the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg offers the following five most common and dangerous motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles.

Vehicle Moves Into Your Lane

You can do everything possible to be safe when riding your motorcycle but you just can’t help what other drivers will do. One of the most common accidents involving motorcycles occurs when a vehicle turns into your lane. This is bad because the car that moves into your lane moves into the area where your bike is located. This either leads to you being struck by the vehicle or you have an accident where you skid off the road trying to avoid the vehicle.

The vehicle Turns Left in Front of You

One of the deadlier accidents involving motorcycles is when a vehicle makes a left turn in front of you. These accidents are so tragic because the motorcycle is typically traveling at the speed limit and the vehicle turning is doing so slowly. This leaves you little to no time to react and when you do react it likely ends in you dumping your motorcycle to avoid being hit by the car.

Took a Corner Too Fast

Riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. That’s why it’s best to obey speed limits. Even when you are operating a motorcycle at a posted speed limit it can still turn into an accident if you enter a curve or corner at a high rate of speed. Operating a motorcycle in a curve at posted speeds is considered dangerous. You need to reduce your speed as you enter a curve in order to avoid dumping the motorcycle.

Car Door Opens Into Lane of Travel

Another dangerous motorcycle accident that happens all too often, especially in large cities, involves the occupant of a parked car opening the door into your lane of travel. Obviously, this is a very difficult accident to avoid. There are no warning signs of someone throwing open their car door. This type of accident can be incredibly tragic for someone on a motorcycle as a swinging door can cause extensive injuries.

Slippery Road Conditions

Slippery road conditions, caused by snow, ice, sleet, rain, wet leaves, and other debris can lead to tragic motorcycle accidents. These accidents are very easy to avoid by simply refraining from riding your motorcycle when road conditions deteriorate. If you are stuck out on your bike in the rain it is best to go to a safe area and wait for conditions to improve in the San Bernardino area.

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