How Dangerous is Riding a Motorcycle In Los Angeles?

June 13, 2019
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The wind in your hair, the beautiful weather, and the possibility of avoiding traffic sound like the perfect combination. These are just some of the reasons many Los Angeles residents choose to hop on a motorcycle as opposed to a car each and every day. It has been reported that there are over 800,000 registered motorcycles in all of California. That means our beautiful state has the highest number of motorcycles on the road than any other state in the country. With so many riders on the road and our notorious Los Angeles traffic, riding a motorcycle may not be the safest option when it comes to transportation. Accidents happen and when they do you need a motorcycle accident lawyer with more than 35 years of experience handling cases just like yours.

Scary Statistics In Los Angeles

Having so many motorcycles registered in the state, it’s no surprise that there were over 16 thousand motorcycle accidents in the last reporting year. Of those, nearly 5 thousand were in Los Angeles County alone, making it the number one county in the state for motorcycle accidents. The causes of motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles vary, but 75% involve a passenger vehicle. The sad truth is that 80% of motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries and even death. Although these statistics can be frightening, it should not deter riders from jumping on their favorite mode of transport. If an accident were to happen, be confident knowing you have Los Angeles on your side.

Are Accidents Avoidable?

After reading all these statistics, you may be wondering if riding a motorcycle is even a feasible mode of transport. No, you should not be scared to use your favorite mode of transport and there are things you can do to keep yourself safe. Most importantly, always wear a helmet and any other necessary safety gear. You are more likely to sustain a serious injury during an accident if you are not wearing a helmet. Another way to help prevent an accident is to obey all traffic laws including having a valid license. Los Angeles has enacted lane-splitting laws, this can be a dangerous maneuver if not done correctly. With so many vehicles on Los Angeles roads, there are bound to be hazards and these can lead to an accident in seconds. Keep your eyes peeled for any potential dangers. Lastly, our biggest piece of advice for staying safe while riding is to never get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What do I do if an Accident Happens?

Even if you have done everything possible to avoid a crash, there is still a slight possibility that you will be involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. Immediately after an accident, seek immediate medical attention and then call the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg at 310-997-0904 to schedule an initial consultation. We have a no-win, no-fee policy so we do not get paid unless you do.


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