Motorcyclist Decapitated When Car’s Driver Loses Control

April 25, 2017
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Motorcyclists face so many dangers already on the road that it seems terribly unfair that a young man with so much to live for would lose his life when he was decapitated by a low-hanging wire in a bizarre accident.

The 27-year-old victim, who was a relatively new husband and an excited father-to-be, was riding his motorcycle early in the morning of April 11, 2017. Somewhere ahead of him on the road, a man driving a passenger car lost control of the vehicle, hit a mailbox, and ran over the yard of a nearby home. The vehicle continued down the road for a while until it hit a wooden utility pole.

The wires on the pole went everywhere into the road. Officers say that the lighting at that particular time of day would have made it almost impossible to see the wire at all, especially at the height it was stretched across the road.

It caught the 27-year-old motorcyclist in the throat, knocking him from the bike and decapitating him.

The driver of the passenger vehicle was stopped and officers did say that he didn’t appear to be driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, although his blood was drawn in order to check. The crash is still under investigation as a joint case between city Police and the county Sheriff’s office because the crash started in a county-controlled area but continued into the city.

Under the law, the driver of the vehicle will still likely face civil liability for the accident. Negligence can be defined as failing to do something, like keeping control of the car, as much as it can be doing something you shouldn’t, like speeding. That means that the young man’s family should be able to collect some compensation for his wrongful death — although no amount of money can replace what his widow and unborn child have lost.

If you’ve lost a family member in a senseless, negligent traffic accident while he or she was riding a motorcycle, talk to a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles who handles motorcycle cases today to discuss the possibility of a case.


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