Pitbull Legislation Brought Back to Life

May 22, 2018
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Dogs. They’re manning best friends and have been renowned all around the world for their loyalty and faithfulness. Over the years, however, some breeds of dogs have got a bad reputation, in particular, the Pit Bull. Statistics show that 59 percent of canine-related deaths all across the USA were accounted for by this particular breed.

In order to try and combat dog bites in California and the fatalities that are linked to them, a law was passed, with wide margins in 2005. This law was passed following a series of dog bites in California and it gave cities a lot more control over which breeds of dogs should be spayed and neutered, in the interest of protecting society. Once this law was passed it not only became mandatory to spay and neuter any Pit bulls that reside in California but it also banned the breeding of these dogs.

Recently the debate around this legislation has been brought back to life by Dawn Capp. Following various dog bite attacks in California and Los Angeles one of which, led to the fatality of a twelve-year-old boy, Governor Newson took a hardline on breeds like the pit bull. Newson requested a bill that made it mandatory for certain breeds to be tagged. Capp believes that Newson is “causing prejudice against pit bulls”.

Pitbulls and Prejudice

It is a long-established point within this debate, that pit bulls as a breed should not be given a hard time and it is in fact the owners of the dogs themselves that give their pets ferocious and undesirable traits. The ASPCA describes a pit bull in a most endearing light. They state “ A well-socialized and well-trained pit bull is one of the most delightful, intelligent, and gentle dogs imaginable.”

A lot of pit bull advocates on this side of the debate strongly stand by this opinion of the much-feared dog and state that their image is tainted by a cycle of bad ownership. In short, they claim that a lot of the dog bites that occur in California in particular by pit bulls are due to the owners training them in a violent manner. It is argued that the more this breed is made a pariah, the more it becomes a status symbol for the wrong people. This then creates a vicious cycle of this breed being trained to be just that, vicious.

The main fear, however, lies in the statistics. It is believed that a pit bull is more likely to attack a child than it is to attack an adult. Furthermore, even though this breed is fiercely loyal to its owners the rest of the population is in fact at high risk. Statistics from 2006 to 2008 show that 81 percent of pit bull bites do not occur on the property of the owner. With such shocking numbers, attorneys that specialize in dog bites in Los Angeles are here to help. With such rising momentum in favor of the pit bull, dog bite attorneys in Los Angeles stand up for the rights of dog bite victims in Los Angeles and make sure victims get the compensation and closure that they deserve.

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