The Dangers of Distracted Driving

May 23, 2018
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Recently, one of the most common reasons for road traffic accidents is drivers driving with distraction. Before technology took a leap, distractions were not as often found but now with text messages, GPS, and calls on mobiles the distractions are becoming more and more frequent. These are causing more and more accidents on a daily basis resulting in personal injury and in some sad cases even death.

How to stay safe:

While driving on the road it has always been imperative to ensure the safety of you and others it has now become even more important. Firstly, you must make sure you have enough mental awareness while you are driving. This means being alert to your surroundings, not tired, and having the ability to rapidly respond to fast-changing situations. The next thing that needs to be noted is that you need to make sure that your vision is clear. It is important to make sure you can see clearly by making sure you wear glasses; your windscreen and mirrors are clear. If this is not done you risk not noticing potential hazards and giving yourself enough time to react to them.

Being physically well is also a very important factor to consider before driving. This is not only just physical pains such as a twisted ankle or hurt arm that can impair your ability to drive, but also things that are not as obvious. For example, if you black out you need to be honest about it and not get behind the wheel or you could be endangering other people in the car and on the road.

The most important thing to be mindful of while driving is distractions that are caused by yourself or others around you. The biggest distraction in the modern age is cell phones. While it is always tempting to pick up the call or reply to a text it means you end up taking your eyes off the road and not using all of your required three responses visual, mental, and physical as they are all required in using your cell phone.

It is not only cell phones that cause distractions. Often self-grooming or other passengers may also be the cause of distraction. This is why it is not only important for the driver to be mindful and responsible but also for others in the car. While some things like reading signs might be important or not as detrimental as setting the radio, it is important to realize the speed and surroundings in which you are doing these actions. If you are driving at a slower speed in a quiet area it might be more appropriate to do these actions than in a high-speed busy environment.

Regardless of the precautions taken accidents still happen. If in the unfortunate event you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault Injury lawyers in Los Angeles are here to support you through the process of getting the compensation you deserve. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney will ensure that you receive what you are due. For advice from a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer please contact our experienced lawyers at 310-997-0904.


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